Listings Management

Inconsistent business listings can give customers the wrong impression.

Make sure your business listings are accurate across the web.

Inconsistent business listings can spread across the web through data aggregators, affecting major online directories and search engines that control local search results. Take advantage of our free listing report and see how you look online.

Forty percent of local businesses have listing errors!

73% of consumers lose trust in a brand when their listings are incorrect.
Guess where they’re going? That’s right—the competitors who are easier to discover.

The good news is:

It’s an easy fix with big benefits. By claiming and correcting your business listings across the web, you not only prevent charity for your competitor, you boost your SEO results and gain more visibility among potential customers.

Our Listings Management tool strengthens your online presence by:

Direct updating.

Directly updating major directories like Google, Facebook, and Bing with accurate data.


Syndicating accurate listings across 300 sites that control local search.

Keeping your business info accurate.

Continuously claiming and correcting missing and inaccurate listings.

Listings Management Reporting

The data landscape is very complex, and understanding how data changes across the web can be challenging. Therefore, it’s critical to report on how everything is working.

The Biz Position Listing Builder (Business App) provides what similar tools don’t: complete transparency with tracking and reporting metrics so you can see exactly what’s happening with your information, and the value the service is providing.

Learn more about how local listings affect your business.

We've put together a quick reference below on local listings for your online business.  

Answers to questions like:
"Why do local listings matter?"
"How do local listings work?"

Case Study:

BMW of San Francisco Business Listings